Solutions to relieve and manage stress, leadership coaching, executive coaching.
Suzanne Hird will provide you with sustainable solutions within your specific needs for having a wonderful (work) life in harmony and free from stress.


"There is always a solution to whatever is the issue at hand as any situation will pass", says Suzanne Hird and she has more than 17 years of experience in helping customers and clients attaining their goals and performing their best while thriving and enjoying their work and life.

About Suzanne Hird

Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Bestselling Author Suzanne Hird

Suzanne Hird is a Change Maker, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Speaker and Bestselling Author of How To Manage Stress, the textbook on well-being at work, stress- and conflict management, meditation and mindfulness as well as work-life balance.

She optimizes well-being at work, motivation and performance through leadership and People & Culture services, executive sparring and development of C-Suites, leaders, teams, organizations and cooperations.

Suzanne's unique talent as a Business and Management Consultant is seeing the bigger picture, getting straight to the core of the issue and finding the best possible and sustainable solution for anyone involved.

She is also happy to fly in where ever needed, to solve any difficult situation using her expertise in coaching, leadership coaching, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution and ability to make tough decisions in serving her national and international customers and clients.

Suzanne has been a columnist on Well-being at Work for five years and written several articles on positive and healthy lifestyle changes in several magazines and journals. She also appeared on National TV in her capacity as stress management specialist coaching Ramböll Management business consultants on stress management. 


How may I help you?

I am here for you

-Who is C-suite, manager or leader

-Who wants professional development

-Who looks for advice from an Executive Coach

-Who needs leadership coaching

-Who are looking for a Business and Management Consultant 

-Who cares for your wellbeing at work 

-Who cares for the wellbeing of your associates, colleagues and employees 

-Who looks for high performance through thriving

-Who wants to know their level of stress 

-Who needs guidance through crisis

-Who wants tools for handling conflicts well 

-Who wants tools for upgrading their communication skills

-Who wants to have more self-awareness

-Who is overwhelmed

-Who is overworked 

-Who is overloaded

-Who is burned-out

-Who is stressed

-Who is challenged by a crisis

-Who wants tools for identifying yours or other’s level of stress 

-Who wants coping strategies 

-Who wants tools to handle overwhelm through stress

-Who wants Work-Life Balance

-Who wants to live life from a balanced perspective

-Who wants a more value based life

-And much more...

I am here for corporations and businesses

-Who wants to improve performance 

-Who wants to take care of wellbeing at work

-Who wants to overcome crisis

-Who wants to improve collaboration 

-Who wants to prevent or solve conflicts

-Who wants to prevent stress

-Who wants to manage stress

-Who wants to lower the level of absenteeism

-Who wants to lower the level of errors

-Who wants to increase the level of job satisfaction

-Who wants to increase the level of customer satisfaction

-And much more...

What is New

How To Manage Stress eBook by Suzanne Hird, 
Stress Test, insights on stress, stress management, stress relief, and the psychology behind, conflict solving and creating balance in your life.

Suzanne’s new ebook How To Manage Stress is available now.

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